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I'm a Vietnam Vet, ex staffperson at Greenpeace, caregiver for a quadraplegic, and the Abalone Alliance Archivist. The Abalone Alliance dismantled in 1985 after an 8 year campaign to shut Down Diablo Canyon in California using non-violent civil disobedience. A couple of us kept the statewide office in San Francisco alive. The office resources and contacts were used to stop the Construction of a nuclear waste dump at Ward Valley starting in 1990. The main Energy Net Website is .

I also put out a twice weekly review of nuclear news stories from around the world. I am not allowed to post this content due to the COH, but if you contact me, I will put you on the mailing list to receive it. It consists of 100 nuclear or other energy stories every 4 days, all organized by subject. Each article includes the title and a paragraph from the original article with a link to the story if you want to read further. Very few people in this country will ever see such in depth coverage of such an issue all in one place!

I also manage the historic Redstone Building in San Francisco, where the 1934 general strike was organized. The building is full of community groups, has 3 active theaters(Rhinoceros Theater, The Lab, Teatro de la Esperanza), artists, Credit Union, and until recently Indymedia's Indybay. The building, located in the Mission District, played a key role in stopping the infamous battles in San Francisco. You can see the wikipedia page that a put up about the Redstone Building and its prominent history at

As a result of severe injuries just after 9-11, I started walking in a small, not very well known park along the bay. I started using a Canon GL-2 to document the many animals and views. I've put out several self-edited DVD's including one called Sunsets on the Bay. You can go this link to see a few still images that I pulled from the video footage.

About the Name Energy Net

At the peak of the anti-nuclear movement back just after the 1981 Diablo Canyon Blockade where tens of thousands of people came to protest the dangerous reactors that had been built on sacred lands, a group of activists formed the Energy Net to promote the idea of thinking Glbally, but acting locally. The focus being on developing community based programs to reduce our use of non-renewable energy. The group went out of active existance by the mid 1980's. But as the energy issues and the movement inspired activities started to become a part of the past, I asked for and got permission to use such an appropriate name with the creation of a computer based Bulletin Board System (BBS) that was soon connected up to the global FidoNet back in 1988. I ran that BBS up until 1994 when it was shut down and moved to the newly created World Wide Web at where it has been since then.

After design software in 1995 that allowed me to rapidly organize and build news libraries, I've been distributing free online newsletters focussing mostly on nuclear energy issues since that date. I've been publishing the Radiation Bulletin for activists around the world since then and have one of the largest libraries on the issue outside of the federal government. After 9-11 I expanded the online bulletin to cover dozens of other issues, all broken down by subject and geographical location. This new format that averaged several hundred news stories a day was published 6 times a week up until I had to retire this rather large undertaking at the end of 2007 due to poor health. As of May 2008, I still publish but only on a weekly basis for the larger news service and 2x a week on the smaller bulletin, having shifted to using social networks where I've posted thousands of news stories since last year at

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